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 GPS to Soulmate Love
A Powerful, yet simple Soulmate Attraction Method for both modern & traditional Women
who are DONE being Confused about Love. 
Learn what it (really) takes to Attract Soulmate Love.

Dating for Soulmate Love can seem overwhelming and confusing, I knowww.

Love can feel like throwing darts in the dark. 

Guessing, hoping, and praying for love isn't cutting it & it's not the wisest approach for the most meaningful area of your life. And if you’re being honest, your love life downright SUCKS sometimes. 

To succeed in Love you need the CORRECT approach that can help you create totally different results. Much better results.

Does this sound like you, honey?

  • You spend hours & hours every week binging on dating articles & YouTube videos, or commiserating with your *Single Girlfriends* or family members who also struggle with love.
  • You’re dating (or trying to date) but aren’t meeting anyone you like, who is emotionally available.
  • You’ve thought of online dating but just thinking about writing your bio feels overwhelming & vulnerable. Instead, dating stays on your to-do list or you ditch the idea altogether.
  • ​You’ve tried everything like traditional therapy, and even affirmations, meditation, prayer & rituals, but you still feel really *CONFUSED* about how love works or how to attract it.
  • ​You’re so focused on the wrong things like honeymoon-type feelings & sexual chemistry that inappropriately idealize the wrong men, that you're worried you’ll never figure it out. 
  • You wish you had the secret formula for how to find someone you *Actually* like, are attracted to, have compatible values with, and NO deal-breakers 
Ultimately, you think that maybe you just won’t find love. EVER.
Or maybe just not right now. Maybe waiting is the answer...
Waiting might mean reading another book, or trying yet another temporary bout of celibacy. But you’re desperate for REAL answers. You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you ZERO or mixed results. 

  There's nothing wrong with YOU. 

It's your Method that does NOT work. You've been looking for all the wrong things in a partner & missing all the RIGHT ones.

Because we all know you are a fabulous catch!

I'm Absolutely Confident I Can Help You...

I can tell there's a part of you that's starting to give up  because it feels like you've tried everything and maybe you think you are one of those unlucky people. (Nope. Wrong. I used to think the same about me!)

I know exactly what you're going through because I was stuck there for a long ass time, not knowing what the F to do... This is how all my clients feel when they first work with me.

Even though my clients are superstars in their careers and they’re thought of as smart and great catches, they still feel totally confused by love… that is, until I guide them through the 'GPS to Soulmate Love method'. And YOU, my dear, are next!

This is their FAVORITE part of their 1-on-1 life-changing journey with me. Women like Marsi & Melanie literally jump for JOY because they are amazed at how simple the process is and they also realize how my proven method is going to change the way they date so they get the love they want. 

Hola, I’m Gemini Ferrie, and I'm obsessed with empowering Single Women understand how to date for true love.

I teach women like you to never settle again, never wonder if someone is right for them, and never be misled by emotions or sexual chemistry (these are the most unreliable sources of guidance for whether or not you should be with someone!).

I lead women like you toward getting clear on what they truly want & desire, even if they don’t yet know how to attract it. (leave the 'how' to me, that's my specialty!)

Once upon a time, I was super desperate & needy for love...

...This led to abandoning myself, compromising my values, and people pleasing men in hopes they’d love me. (it didn't work)

When the meanest of them all told me I was responsible for my orgasms during sex, it made me feel that I would never EVER get love in this lifetime.

 ...I knew I was a great catch and felt I had done EVERYTHING right... 
yet, he still didn’t love me. 
(Ever feel like this?)

So I gave up on love… FOREVER. 
I prepared myself to live a love-less lifeI was about 30 years old. 

It was so F painful and heart-breaking because the thing I wanted most of all in life was LOVE

After swearing off men, I realized that since life is LONG, I should get to the bottom of how I had contributed to all my failed relationships AND learn how to be happy WITHOUT a man.

Say Whaaat ! ? 
Happy Without a Man? Is That Possible? 

You see, Soulmate Love was a totally foreign concept to me then. I was doing it all wrong, without knowing. After I became the #1 Love of my life AND I got clear on the difference between my: values, preferences, and deal-breakers...

THAT'S when I started attracting high quality men. And when I encountered men who sucked, I was able to identify them quickly and not waste time with them.

Now that the lightbulb has turned on in my head about how simple dating for love can be, I’m freakin thrilled to show YOU the same!

So, How Can You
Attract Soulmate Love?

All of my clients have either given up on love, are on the verge of giving up OR they know love exists, but have NO CLUE how on earth it works or how to actually attract it.

Half of them know they’re doing something wrong and the other half feel they’re doing it ALL right. Either way, it doesn’t make a difference.

They're still guessing at Love.

The main reason you find it difficult to attract love is because you weren't taught by your parents, school, or tv! You've had to learn by trial and error, which is the longest, most painful way to learn about love. Chances of winning in your love life with this method are SLIM.

Here's what I teach in
GPS to Soulmate Love

Here's what I teach in GPS to Soulmate Love

  • How to untangle that ball of yarn made up of your:

    VALUES (which you NEVER compromise)

    PREFERENCES (which you can be flexible on all day)

    (which you always say NO to, no matter how great the chemistry or sex is or how much you think you like/love that person). 
  • Once you get clear on the difference between these 3 things, you’ll know who to say YES or NO to powerfully. 
  • ​How to avoid using your feelings & sexual chemistry to decide 
    who to be in relationship with. (these are the 2 most unreliable sources of guidance!)
  • ​Ultimately, you will figure out what will make you happy for long-term love and what won’t. For Real. No more guessing.


In my 9 years of coaching I asked so many AMAZING smart women what their Love Values, Preferences, and Deal-Breakers were &  NOT ONE nailed the difference... which is WHY they were not getting the love they wanted. 

** So DO NOT Attempt this Process ON YOUR OWN **

You've spent TOO MUCH time guessing at Love.
It's time for REAL Results.

Why you're going to Love my Irresistible GPS to Soulmate Love course?

 Rose, one of my students, is a SUCCESSFUL you-tuber & amazing catch... 
You'll hear why her love life was a Hot MESS. Listen for the powerful insights she got from the course that will absolutely change EVERYTHING in her dating life... and YOURS too after you enroll!

I bet you may be thinking you could do this process by yourself. Sorry to burst your bubble! (keep watching...)

How long has Love felt like a total MYSTERY & always out of reach?
Wanna know the REAL issue?

You’re getting your Values, Preferences, and Deal-Breakers all MIXED up, which is causing you to make important decisions from emotions & chemistry... which are totally UNRELIABLE sources of guidance.

WITHOUT your own unique-to-you GPS to Soulmate Love (your own roadmap to success) you end up compromising the things you shouldn’t, you pick the wrong guys, and settle for less than what your heart yearns for.


With your own unique-to-you GPS to Soulmate Love, You Will:

  • Understand exactly why your past relationships have been such a disappointment in some way so far.
  • ​See exactly what's been missing in your approach to attract the right partner. 
  • ​Get why confusing your love values with preferences, and treating deal-breakers as issues to be 'unconditionally loving ' about creates SO much heartbreak!
  • Never settle again, never wonder if someone is right for you, and never be misled by the most unreliable signals in your dating life (emotions & sexual chemistry) .
  • Sleep better and feel more at peace with yourself now that you’re not STRESSING and worrying about how to attract the right partner to build a life with. 

  • ​Say “Adios” to that nagging feeling that you might not ever find your right match or that you might end up with the wrong person. 
  • Wake up every morning excited about your love life, knowing how to look for the proper things in a man (and avoid the no-no’s) that will lead to the most wonderful love you can imagine.
  • ​Feel WAY more Worthy, Deserving, and Confident in your ability to actually attract the love you’ve been wanting… without compromising on the important stuff.
  • ​Feel more relaxed, at ease, energetic be more productive at work, and enjoying your life at a whole NEW level ... because you know you're on the right track to Love.
Imagine Knowing that the NEXT Person you Choose to Commit to Will Truly Align with your Values
This isn’t pie in the sky. 
Beautiful, connected Love with the right person is within your reach… once you understand:
  • Why Love hasn’t worked for you
  • How Love actually works
  • ​What you truly want and don't stand for
GPS to Soulmate Love
Speed up the process of attracting real love by getting clear on the difference between your *Values, *Preferences, and *Deal-Breakers
so that you NEVER settle again!

Are You Getting Excited?!

In a Few Short Hours, Learn to
Effectively Date for Soulmate Love. 

Never wonder if you’ve found the right person, and
Never be misled by emotions, chemistry, or sweet-talking 

Sound too good to be true? Here are the nitty-gritty details:

This 3-module course takes 3hrs to devour + the amount of time to do the exercises that will create your very own GPS to Soulmate Love. You can plow through this process on a free Sunday afternoon or during your typical Netflix-and-scroll time this week. 
All the content is delivered digitally via video recordings. The course also includes audio and transcripts, so you can navigate it however is best for you and your learning style.

You WILL get clear on what you want, what you don’t, and the confidence to recognize the right one when he comes along!
Let's write you a brand new Love Story, starting with creating your very own
GPS to Soulmate Love. 

This is NOT for you if...

You just want to date for fun, lust, sex
You are not ready for love or commitment. Totally cool, but wrong timing! Have a fabulous time. Come back when you wanna fall in love.
You just wanna “check this out” without intending to do the super enlightening exercises in each of the 3 modules. 
This course will change the way you date, but only after you create your own GPS to Soulmate Love. 
You’re 100% convinced that: you’re doomed, love will never ever happen for you, and nothing you do will change your mind. Sorry, but I can’t help you unless you are open to falling in love.

What past students are saying:

I was able to question what kind of love I am inviting into my life and how I'm showing up for myself. I now understand where I was falling short, where I wasn't allowing the right kind of love into my heart, and where I was creating borders for people. Really powerful, powerful work being done here today.
 I am a love relationship coach. I'm just really still buzzing & glowing & still a little shaky from how deep we went today. Gemini asked some really potent questions and I got to really drop into my deepest core vulnerability I really cried a lot. What I really got out of that was that my softness and vulnerability are a strength and a superpower. Gemini is just supreme! 

 ✨ OMGoddess... the VIBE✨ at the end of the 1st
GPS to Soulmate Love group training was out of this World!      

Just as there are no 2 women alike, there are no 2 GPS for Soulmate Love lists that are the same.

A Method 40 years in the Making 
Your own unique-to-you GPS to attract your Soulmate Love, based on your personalized values, preferences, and deal-breakers.
(this ain't not a cookie-cutter course!)
($1250 value)

My Secret Sauce 
I’ll show you exactly how to use my program to never settle again, never wonder if someone is right for you, and never be misled by emotions or sexual chemistry. 
($10,000,000 value)

Confidence is Gold
Your confidence will skyrocket to the level of knowing for sure that you CAN have the extraordinary love you've been wanting and that you WILL attract your Soulmate Love into your life.
($ how do you put a price on this?) 

The Correct Approach
You will succeed in Love with the correct approach that will attract the right person to fall in love with you.
Rise high darling, you deserve the spotlight.
($1,000,000,000 value)

Total Program Value = $1,010,001,250


(psss... my 1:1 coaching programs start at $5k)

Here’s what happens after you click that button:

You’ll be taken to the checkout page where you can sign up with your preferred method of payment and lock in our exclusive offer of $397.

Right after you pay, you’ll get a confirmation email with all of your fancy membership deets (where to go, how to log in, etc). 

Next, you’ll be able to login and start the course right away - This experience will TOTALLY change the way you date!

More About Gemini Ferrie

Gemini Ferrie has been a Love Coach for Women since 2012 and she helps single women ready for Soulmate Love stop compromising and settling, and achieve clarity about how love works and how to attract it.

She’s passionate about supporting single women who want Soulmate Love because she knows firsthand the struggle of not having the first clue about how to choose the right man. 

She met one SEEMINGLY amazing man after another and she’d try to secure him if they had chemistry without looking at other factors. 
After years of what seemed like a hopeless chase, she learned how to hone in on what’s important, and found confidence and clarity in how to date consciously, from a place of power and love.

When she’s not teaching or helping women fall in love with themselves like they never thought possible, you can find Gemini dressing up in her colorful style and going out to socialize, dancing around the house, or singing along Beatles or kirtan songs. Yep, she’s a cool, real person (just like you).

Let's write you a brand new Love Story, starting with creating your very own
GPS to Soulmate Love. 
Typically, the older you get, the HARDER it is to be vulnerable with someone or to trust them fully, as you've become too accustomed to living a highly self-sufficient life, which isn't a bad thing, however, it tends to have a lot of self-protection built into it. This gets in the way of the intimacy and connection you want. 

On the flip side, if you get too close too quickly to whoever shows interest in you, you may be lowering your standards out of fear of not finding someone else or someone better. 

At times you may feel you're doing everything right but not getting the results you want, which doesn't make sense because you're so freakin capable and smart at work.
Can I be real with you right now? I’m gonna take the liberty of saying to you what I’d say to one of my close girlfriends… 

You can’t keep avoiding fixing your love life just because it’s uncomfortable to even look at it. Listen, you're not getting any younger. And if you want kids, that clock IS ticking. 
When the disappointments of your love life (or lack thereof) drain you of your energy and power, your confidence can begin to diminish in other areas of your life. To compensate, you may try to prove your worth by working or doing MORE to stay busy (and keep avoiding your love life)
But there's only so much fulfillment in achievement. As a recovering overachiever, I know what that's like.

The thing is, busyness, netflix, social media, food, wine, or whatever, cannot forever distract you from the sadness, loneliness, or self-doubt that may be under the go-go-go lifestyle. 

You know that if these undeniably difficult emotions don't get dealt with, they're going to threaten your performance and stability in the ONE place you have so much success: your career.


No, because GPS to Soulmate Love is the BOMB diggity. And, this method works every time with every woman since 2012 and it will get you clear about why your love life hasn't worked, the right things to look for and avoid according to your unique one-of-a-kind Soul.
Yes! If you’re currently dating, your whole dating approach will radically change. You’ll suddenly look for and avoid things you never had a radar for. And this will feel so powerful because your choices will be more conscious and guided by the right things, not the wrong ones. 

If you are in a committed relationship or marriage, going through this course will help you understand why your relationship is not working so you understand where you may have accidentally taken a wrong turn, and thus ask your partner for what you’re really wanting. 

You will naturally see where your inner work is so you can also show up as the amazing girlfriend or wife you know you’re meant to be, who is capable of creating what you want in love.
Oh yes! My marketing to women is simply a branding thing. My biz coach made me do it. Lol. But seriously, this GPS to Soulmate Love method is a process that universally applies to ALL humans who want Soulmate Love, regardless of gender or sexual orientation In order to attract true Soulmate Love a person needs to be clear of the difference between their values, preferences, and deal-breakers so they don’t confuse them and end up settling.
There are 3 short, yet profound modules that include Q&A video section to keep you on track. Plus, this is a 3-step process that is ultra easy, simple, and common sense. Anyone and their mothers can easily go through this successfully.
Not possible. The 3 short, powerful, and simple modules can be done in one afternoon, which is the recommended time that you complete the course in. However, if you cannot do the course in one sitting, doing it in two sittings is fine. I don’t think you’ll be able to wait to finish it another time though, because you want to have in your hands your very own personal GPS to Soulmate Love ASAP. It’s a very exciting and extremely enlightening experience!
I take my 1:1 clients through the GPS to Soulmate Love method in about 1 hour. It will take you about one full afternoon.
Each of the 3 short modules includes bonus videos with the most commonly asked questions. However, if there’s a question about the process/method itself that’s not covered in the course, please email "help at" 
The Q+A section will be added to as more new questions come in!
No, as the course is 3 modules that can be done in one afternoon. I may offer GPS to Soulmate Love at a special price once a year. Stay tuned on my email list for that : )

Let's write you a brand new Love Story, starting with creating your very own
GPS to Soulmate Love. 
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