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ONE TIME OFFER: How to Love Yourself Mini-Course Today only $37: All you need is 1/2 hr and a MIRROR! This is the 1st important step in my signature method to become absolutely lovable, whole & complete NOW.

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I was able to question what kind of love I am inviting into my life and how I'm showing up for myself. I now understand where I was falling short, where I wasn't allowing the right kind of love into my heart, and where I was creating borders for people. Really powerful, powerful work being done here today.

 I am a love relationship coach. I'm just really still buzzing & glowing & still a little shaky from how deep we went today. Gemini asked some really potent questions and I got to really drop into my deepest core vulnerability I really cried a lot. What I really got out of that was that my softness and vulnerability are a strength and a superpower. Gemini is just supreme! 

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